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Class-Leading Creativity Comes as Standard

Marketing & PR

We’re more than just estate agents with cameras. We have a dedicated in-house creative team comprising professional photographers, videographers, print/digital designers and licensed drone pilots.

In-house expertise

We’re more than just estate agents with cameras. We have a dedicated in-house creative team comprising professional photographers, videographers, print/digital designers and licensed drone pilots. Quite simply, no other agency in the Channel Islands can offer what we do.

Award-winning design

We pride ourselves on the standard of design we create and the way we use it to communicate with our clients. Bespoke, targeted marketing, high-quality publications, carefully considered media buying, informative newsletters and 24/7 social media and SEO management - we understand the value of clear communication.

An intrinsic part of our difference is the carefully considered marketing and fresh, design-led approach to the property industry. We do not follow the herd with predictable property marketing – we never have. Livingroom was the first agency in the Channel Islands to employ a dedicated professional in-house creative team and our commitment to creativity has never wavered. This means we continually innovate how we present our properties and can react quickly and across marketing channels.


Livingroom is the only estate agency in the Channel Islands to employ a team of professional photographers and videographers as standard and is one of the only agents in the UK with a dedicated, in-house creative team including established photographers, videographers, designers and licensed drone pilots. The photographers at Livingroom are not just estate agents with cameras; they are specifically trained, award-winning professionals with an eye for what will help your property to sell or rent. Livingroom follows the principle that first impressions last and pledges that it will always present clients’ property in the best possible light.


Our fully qualified and licensed drone pilots use high-tech equipment to get a unique perspective of some of the properties on our books. Many of the homes we sell are situated in truly incredible surroundings – whether sprawling woodland or on the islands’ spectacular coastlines – and taking to the sky helps us to market properties in context.

Drone shots, captured with the same creativity and eye for detail that drives all of our imagery, can truly elevate a listing to a new level and give prospective buyers a view that would otherwise be simply unavailable.

Drone technology is another way we can show off some of the Channel Islands’ finest homes, and we also use drone imagery to promote the islands themselves,
capturing vistas that others will never achieve.


This is actually a relaunch (as we published ten editions of Livinglife a few years ago in Guernsey) and a creative celebration of us cementing our position as the Channel Island estate agent. Creativity is at the heart of Livingroom Estate Agents. We have always applied a design-led approach and we pioneered the use of dedicated in-house creatives, making a notable impact on the Channel Islands property sector from the moment we launched in 2006.

Livinglife contains insights from our property experts alongside some of the finest Channel Island homes.

We wanted to celebrate all that the islands have to offer and provide a valuable marketing channel for our vendors, but when we made the decision in early 2020 to bring back Livinglife we could never have foreseen what was to come. Our spring publication date was revised several times as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic. We feel exceptionally lucky to have been able to publish Livinglife at all in 2020 – and that’s testament to our islands, their governments and their people.

The publication is the product of our award-winning creativity. We’re proud to say that our CEO designed and produced it using the amazing images created by our in-house photographers and licensed drone pilots.

7,500 printed copies were widely distributed across the Channel Islands and available in hotels, business receptions and other locations, making sure our vendors’ properties reach a carefully considered audience.

Our extended digital editions are available to view at


In 2021 we launched our very own podcast – At Home with Livingroom. This was the first lifestyle podcast in the Channel Islands and goes behind the doors of some of Guernsey’s best-known residents to find out more about them, and the stories of their homes.

Livingroom has always been innovative and the advent of the podcast is the latest step in a long history of embracing new media. In each episode, Livingroom Founder, CEO Simon Torode joins his guest at their home for a walk around some of their property, picking out some eye-catching features along the way, and a chat about how they relate to the space they call ‘home’.

Livingroom ensures all our properties are seen in the right place by the right people. We recognise it is no longer acceptable to advertise property in a monochrome medium and vendors should expect more. For this very reason Livingroom only ever advertises in full, glorious colour. We pride ourselves on selective, high-quality advertising.

Some properties require something a bit special to do them justice in the market. That’s why Livingroom have been creating look-books for a selection of properties in our portfolio. Our look-books use our high-quality imagery and publication production expertise to elevate property promotion to the next level. These are truly the pinnacle of Channel Island property promotion and are quintessentially Livingroom – design-led, bespoke, high-quality, going above and beyond.

Livingroom offers more than any other agency in the Channel Islands. Since 1995, Simon has been responsible for brand positioning and advertising for a large number of influential clients after a successful, early career in advertising in London. The process he brought to the Channel Islands and refined at Livingroom is no different. Each house is as individual as its owners and, by using our unrivalled marketing knowledge, Livingroom’s design team can apply bespoke exposure when it is most needed.


Livingroom was the first estate agency in Guernsey to use direct digital marketing as a sales tool. Back in 2006 we first introduced a digital newsletter, called the Property Monthly, which has since evolved into a highly intuitive and interactive weekly online publishing vehicle in both islands that regularly supplies information to in excess of 8,000 people (in both islands) with new instructions, news features and items of local interest. 

Digital marketing will remain a key part of our future as Livingroom fully embraces its capability to send information with immediate uptake rather than relying on print time-scales and lengthy lead times. It is our job to ensure Livingroom is at the forefront of people’s minds as they search for property in the Channel Islands. Our Google ranking requires constant, tailored content to maintain our prominent position. Whilst there is still a requirement for quality print-based advertising for certain market sectors, there is no doubt that the digital revolution will one day render printed advertising obsolete and Livingroom is ideally positioned to continue using available technology and inventing new ways to capture further market share and continue to promote the Channel Islands to the world.


Livingroom promote your property globally through our worldwide network of portals - reaching millions of potential buyers and new island residents. Livingroom invest in using these services, some of which come at a great expense, but we include them within your commission as standard. 

Our global reach rivals that of firms with multi-office networks as we sit alongside their listings on the most prestigious and credible portals available. By choosing Livingroom, you can support a local business yet take comfort that the digital reach of your property is never compromised and compares to any another agency. 

A surprising amount of ‘on-island’ buyers and tenants also use the portals to search for their next home, which is why we list all properties added to our website.

Livingroom wholeheartedly support digital promotion to not only increase reach but to also reduce paper usage of traditional advertising methods. 


Livingroom first started using social media as a selling tool back in 2006 and it has been a great success story to date. 

A few years ago people were concerned about how much information is shared in a public domain but acceptance of using social media as a selling tool is now commonplace in the Channel Islands. The infinite power of social media is a vital part of marketing properties to both our local communities and further afield. 

In the same way that our email newsletters can have instant reach, our social media channels – including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest – have been designed to publish brief and succinct information shaped to appeal to the various audiences and to help entice people to the website where they can view further information and imagery. Our aim has always been to dispel historical, stuffy preconceptions of the industry and open the door to ease of connectivity with the highly personable team behind the brand. 

Livingroom has sold countless properties that were first seen on social media. Great care has been taken to build followers and our dedicated Guernsey and Jersey channels currently boast a combined 12,970 followers on Facebook, 2,083 on Twitter and 4,575 on Instagram (as of July 2021). 

We have also created secondary Facebook pages called ‘I am Guernsey’ and ‘I am Jersey’ which focus on sharing local news and information. We subliminally feed our news and property to the pages which boast 5,956 and 3,538 users respectively. The cumulative activity of the four Facebook pages ensures our posts can reach 22,464 users on Facebook alone.

Livingroom can proudly achieve an impressive, total digital reach of in excess of 40,000 users - including registered applicants.


Instagram has been nothing short of a phenomenon for the property sector, and Livingroom was one of the first adopters of the platform in the Channel Islands.

For a design-led agency, Instagram is the perfect platform; it allows us to not only showcase the properties on our books, but also our creativity and photography skills. With users accustomed to imagery being the main focus, we have been able to market properties using landmark and statement shots that try and capture a property’s essence in a shot, or a carousel of images.

We’ve also used Instagram as a platform for our creative, island-centric photography. Instagram is a great medium for our in-house creative team and allows them to communicate the broader identity of Livingroom – as an agency that’s exceptionally proud to work in the island communities we represent.


At Livingroom we’ve always had big ambitions and we’ve always been an outward-facing agency that looks beyond the Channel Islands for inspiration, potential clients and promotion of the islands.

We’re proud of where we’re from and, as the Channel Island Estate Agent, we take our role in promoting the islands seriously. Whether it’s investing in off-island advertising to partnering with the relocation agencies for events and sponsorships, we want to play our part in telling the world just how amazing these islands are.

Estate agents have to understand the areas they work in, and at Livingroom we’re lucky enough that our team go way beyond this, and are all passionate advocates for their islands. Their knowledge and enthusiasm are infectious and off-island clients are often converted to the Channel Island way of life before they even step foot on either island.

Maximum Exposure
15+ Publications
425,000 Monthly Web Views
40,000 Social Followers
30 Dedicated Staff

Discover some of Livingroom's printed media channels promoting our property and our islands

Country Life

Advertising within the prestigious Country Life - the quintessential British town and country magazine - showcasing the islands and our property stock.

Country & Town House

The only luxury magazine to target the increasing number of affluent "double lifers" who enjoy the very best of country and city living.

The Sunday Times

With a print run of 904,548 and digital downloads of circa 125,116, The Sunday Times is a key nationwide component for our vendors.

Financial Times

The Financial Times offers our vendors a distribution of 600,000 copies and 313,000 paid digital subscriptions.

Open Market Review

Created exclusively by Livingroom, this luxury bi-annual publication promotes our Open Market homes and the beautiful island in which we live.

Aurigny En Voyage

Guernsey's airline in flight publication with a readership of nearly 500,000 passengers