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Serving Guernsey’s Boating Community

Boating has been a hugely popular pastime for the people of Guernsey over many years, and hundreds of locals still head out to the neighbouring isles and the French coast every summer, or enjoy a spot of peaceful fishing out at sea.

Sunsport Marine are a locally-founded family company who have provided a comprehensive and on-going service for local boat owners since 1985, and they help to cultivate a thriving boating community in Guernsey. 

"People here are very passionate about boating," explains Matt Waters, Director of Sunsport Marine.

"We're very lucky to have Herm and Sark only a few miles away. It's nice to take the family over on a Sunday, spend the day around the back of Herm, and you can still be back to do something later in the day too - it is a very special place to have a boat." 

"Boating in Guernsey is very family orientated, in that we enjoy seeing customers and families that we've dealt with for many years. We offer a very personal service, understanding our customers' individual needs and requirements."

Sunsport have specialised in Yamaha marine products for decades, including outboards and WaveRunner jet skis. However, more recently they have branched into the Jeanneau outboard range of motorboats, which are now their best seller. These vessels built in France are particularly suitable for use around the Bailiwick, as Matt explains. 

"We concentrate predominately on the outboard range of the Jeanneau boats, which starts from 5-metre open boats, and goes right up to 10.5-metres.

The most popular and suitable boats for the island are the Merry Fisher range, which are available in two formats. The Marlin is a forward-facing cabin, which is more suitable for fishing and day cruising, and it gives you the shelter to have a toilet compartment and you can sleep on it overnight."

"The other side of the Merry Fisher range is the more family leisure-orientated product that has a larger cabin and more living space with forward accommodation - very usable boats around the islands and French coast."

"We're seeing the Jeanneau range with the extra features and the cabin taking over from the open boat market. If the weather isn't quite so good, or the summer pattern isn't as settled, the Jeanneau is more suitable whilst offering fantastic value for money."

However, Sunsport offer far more than just initial boat sales. "We offer a full range of after sales services too, from boat maintenance, servicing, repairs and winter storage in our boatyard, backed up fully with experienced staff and workshop facilities." 

"We are always keen to source up-to-date marine products and the latest technology for our customers, and as such we have recently introduced the Torqeedo range of electric outboards. These engines are maintenance free, lightweight and an environmentally friendly product."

"Where Sunsport differs from other companies is that we offer a one-stop shop for the boating fraternity. If you're a customer of Sunsport and you've got a boat, we can do everything on it."

For more information about the wide range of services and products offered by Sunsport Marine, or to get in touch, visit their website.

Sunsport Marine 01481 248466 [email protected]

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