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64 amazing Guernsey cyclists took on an enormous challenge to raise funds for a much loved local charity, the Sarah Groves Foundation, by riding from St. Malo to Bilbao. Named after a Guernsey girl who was tragically killed in India in 2013, the second Tour de Sez looks set to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds. Our very own Jo Winberg took part in the demanding ride and here she talks about the experience.


The latest States of Guernsey property bulletin, covering Q2 2016 shows that the average Local Market purchase price of £434,571 is 2.9% higher than Q1 2016 and 0.5% lower than Q2 of 2015.

Tellingly, there were 198 Local Market transactions in the second quarter of 2016, 69 more than the first quarter. There was also an increase in Open Market transactions from Q1 to Q2 in 2016.

THE LIVINGROOM HOUSE LOTTERY - An interview with The Friends of Saumarez Park Playground

Livingroom asked Hazel from 'The Friends of Saumarez Park Playground' how the Livingroom House Lottery will change the lives of their beneficiaries.

The Friends of Saumarez Park Playground (FOSPP) is delighted to have been chosen as one of the charities to benefit from the Livingroom House Lottery (#LHL).

The refurbishment of the playground at Saumarez Park is very much a community project and without the support of the local businesses and the fantastic generosity of the people of Guernsey we would not be able to have achieved what we have so far.

We are currently in discussion with the Environment Department in relation to the plans for the next phase which will not only look at the creation of an area for toddlers but also incorporate some additional equipment for juniors. We hope to be able to share these exciting plans with everyone very soon and the funds from the #LHL will certainly be put towards the realisation of this next adventure for the families of our island.

THE LIVINGROOM HOUSE LOTTERY - An interview with The Hub

Livingroom asked Tom from the charity ‘The Hub’ how the Livingroom House Lottery will change the lives of their beneficiaries.

We are delighted and privileged to be part of this house lottery particularly as Simon was, alongside myself and others, such an instrumental part of establishing the Hub. For Livingroom to afford us this opportunity is really quite exceptional. Our running costs are around £200,000 per annum, 85% of which come from donations and philanthropic support, so to receive such a tremendous contribution from this lottery is very unexpected and we’re extremely grateful.


The team at Livingroom love art. We’re a creative bunch and we thought we should share our knowledge with you and inspire you to look closely at art for your home.

Beautiful art and photography can make a home - creating an ambience and sense of space that enhances a property. Done well, carefully chosen art will demonstrate a love and commitment to creating a warm, welcoming environment and that can have a big impact on anyone viewing your property.

You can use art to create individual identity. Your friend may have the same sofa as you but they’ll never have the same piece of original artwork. We all like to be different, it’s human nature. Beauty is, of course, in the eye of the beholder but even if people do not have your own personal taste they will see the effort put in to your home.
So just how does anyone decide what artwork to buy and where to put it?
There are no rules for buying artwork. When you buy original art you’re not only bringing its colours and textures into your space but its mood and message too. You’ve selected a piece you love and that’s the most important thing. Always trust your gut instinct and buy with your heart. You may move house so don’t just buy specifically for the home you live in now – buy for life.

Selecting an original artwork can be an incredible investment. Good quality work should always accrue in value and, if you hold on to the piece long enough, the artist may well become established or famous and your art work is then even more valuable than anticipated. We know of many times when people have bought from unknown or emerging artists and their timely investment has paid dividends.

A great piece of advice would be to buy from student artists. Livingroom’s sister company, based in Guernsey, called Soldstory and it hosts a few student artists. There is also end of year student shows throughout the UK and further afield and they’re a great way to spot talent.

THE LIVINGROOM HOUSE LOTTERY - An interview with Hope for a Child

Livingroom asked Tom from the charity ‘Hope for a Child’ how the Livingroom House Lottery will change the lives of their beneficiaries.

The Livingroom House lottery will really help us increase the scale and impact of our project in Malawi. It will enable more families to earn higher income and provide for themselves; in turn, becoming more resilient to the hardships they face. Recently Malawi has had an especially difficult time with droughts and unpredictable climate which has led to a huge amount of starvation. The funds raised through this house lottery will assist in making the country stronger against these adversities in the long term and improving their way of life for the future.

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