Saturday, 23 January 2021

In light of the lockdown announcement in Guernsey today we have cancelled all appointments with immediate effect until further guidance has been provided by SoG.

Our offices are also now temporarily closed but our staff will continue to answer any questions you may have by email and phone. 

Our Business Support team will contact those who have made appointments for both viewings and market appraisals to notify them that these will not be able to be undertaken.

For those seeking clarification re impending court completions, the negotiator handling your sale will be in touch shortly. For those tenants due to move into rented property the negotiator handling your rental agreement will also be in touch shortly.   

Please be respectful at all times, we are simply following SoG legal instruction to ensure the safety of all.

If anyone has any queries please do not hesitate to email 

Individual staff contact details can also be found on our website

Stay safe Guernsey and together we can be stronger.


On Saturday 23 January 2021, it was announced that 4 positive cases have been identified. It is not immediately clear how these individuals contracted the virus, as none are directly from travel or the contacts of known cases. Contact tracing is continuing to determine whether there is a link between the cases and whether these cases are linked or if this is a result of wider community seeding.

As of 12:00 noon on Saturday 23 January 2021, the Bailiwick of Guernsey is asked to stay at home, except for:

Carrying out essential shopping for food or supplies; Seeking medical care; or for up to two hours exercise outdoors. You should only undertake these activities with members of your household. The only exception to this is where someone lives on their own. In those cases, the person living alone can take their two hours of exercise with one other person from another household following social distancing guidelines.

The Community Vaccination Centre will open on Monday 25 January, at Beau Sejour, as planned so please attend your appointment if you have one booked.

You must work from home if you are able to do so. Those who cannot work from home should only go to work if they are an essential workers. More information of who is deemed an essential worker will be published later today.

Restaurants and non-essential retail are not being treated as essential and should NOT open, even for deliveries or takeaways.

Schools are closed except for those vulnerable students and children of essential workers. More information will be published later on this afternoon from Education. 

Emergency measures have been put in place for health and social care services next week, and visits to hospital and care homes must cease immediately. More information is available below.

Another live briefing will be held on Sunday 24 January at midday, where more information will be provided.

Please continue to be extra vigilant for any symptoms of COVID-19.

These are:

New and severe fatigue
New muscle ache for no obvious reason
Headache (sinus pain, pain around eyes)
Loss of smell/taste
Sore throat
Fever (high temperature, rigors, chills, can’t get warm)
Shortness of breath, chest tightness
Continuous new cough
Children and Over 90s – loose stool, mild fever, not themselves with a cough presenting later

If you do start to experience any symptoms, no matter how mild, please contact the Clinical Helpline by calling 01481 756938 or 01481 756969.

If you feel very unwell, phone 999 and tell the operator of your symptoms. Please do not visit your GP or the Emergency Department at the hospital unannounced.

More information about the symptoms and how you can treat symptoms at home is available at:

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