Does a colourful world shift your mood?

Wednesday, 07 August 2019

It is hard not to feel uplifted and inspired when walking into a home that is filled with colour.

Living on the island of Guernsey, we are exceptionally lucky to be in daily contact with colour all year round. During the summer months especially we enjoy the varying blues of the ocean surrounding us, the white sandy beaches and the vibrant colours of the stunning west coast sunsets.  Different seasons provide us with different experiences from the wild local flowers on our southern cliffs to the vibrant colours of the fishing boats and the contrast of the French charm and traditional buildings in St Peter Port. Visiting the charming Bluebell Wood in spring presents a totally different scene and colour palette to what you’ll experience in the autumn. Colour is a key part of island life and the shifting scenery can boost your mood and positively impact your wellbeing.  

In the world of property too, colour counts for a lot.

The first impression as a potential buyer walks into your home is vital. If the space is bright and appealing the buyer will not only instantly feel more relaxed and comfortable in the surroundings, they’ll also be drawn in and be attracted to the setting.

With Livingroom recently launching Open Viewings to the market, these opportunities for first impressions are even greater.

If you would like Livingroom to promote your property in the brand new Open Viewings section of the website and advertise it through our various channels (in full colour of course!), please contact the team on 01481 715555

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