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Locate Guernsey Showcase highlights the safety of the Island

Friday, 09 October 2020

One of the annual events we at Livingroom Estate Agents always look forward to is Locate Guernsey’s annual showcase.

Locate Guernsey, which is the promotional body for promoting and supporting relocation to the island by individuals and businesses, normally hosts the event in London and invites a select number of guests along to enjoy the day.

Livingroom has sponsored the showcase for a number of years and we were delighted when we found out that the 2020 edition would be going ahead, albeit – like so many other events – virtually.

Jo Stoddart, Locate Guernsey’s Director, welcomed the digital audience and explained what we on the island already know so well: that we’re lucky to live here and enjoy a safe island home, a stable political environment and a well-managed response to the pandemic.

We wrote about the island’s response to the Covid-19 crisis in our latest publication, Livinglife, which you can read online.

The virtues of the islands may have been more appreciated during the lockdown period but, as Locate Guernsey’s range of case studies repeatedly said, the islands represent fantastic places to live at any time.

Mature and stable economies underpinned by the financial services sector ensure that there is a wide range of recruitment in both islands with ample opportunity to work internationally. The housing stock is comparable to the best offered anywhere in the world. The education systems are top-tier and offer a number of private and public options. The islands are safe places to bring up young families and offer the benefit of an enviable work/life balance; you can leave your desk and be on the beach lighting a barbecue or jumping in the sea within 15 minutes.

When you consider all of this it’s really no wonder that increasing numbers of people are looking to move out of cities, as was reported this week.

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