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On Monday 22 February 2021 Guernsey will be moving to stage 1 of lockdown recovery

Friday, 19 February 2021

What does Stage 1 mean for our business in Guernsey?

This is certainly changing by the hour. About turn!  

Further to guidance received earlier this morning, at 12:34 today, SOG have now agreed to change their protocol regards STAGE 1 of lockdown recovery on Monday 22 Febuary 2021 as follows:

From: Trade
Sent: 19 February 2021 12:34
To: Livingroom
Subject: Estate Agent Practice

Dear Livingroom team,

Please accept our apologies but we have just been informed that some more changes have been issued to the guidance as follows:

Property sales and business transactions

Limited activities to enable listing, viewing, survey and sale of property can be conducted under certain strict conditions which prevent contact with householders and only with the householder’s agreement. Property and estate agents are encouraged to use video facilities to enable ‘virtual’ visits as a means of viewing properties as a first preference.

• Businesses must ensure they can comply with all of the conditions set out in the Stage 1 checklist (Section B) above.

• Necessary visits to properties can be conducted by no more than one agent AND ONE POTENTIAL PURCHASER and such visits should be conducted under strict hygiene guidelines including the ventilation of the property, wearing of face coverings and strict social distancing measures. These visits can only take place where there is no direct contact with householders of the property being viewed.

All persons must adhere to the current mandatory requirements and recommendations for wearing of face coverings at all times;

• If the property is inhabited:
• No member of the household is present in the house during any necessary visit.
• No one living in the household is symptomatic or has had symptoms in the last 48 hours, under a compulsory isolation order or awaiting a test result for COVID-19; and
• No member of the household is considered medically vulnerable;

The full updated guidance for Stage 1 can now be accessed through the following link:

In rather confusing and changeable times, we are here for you and available to answer what we can 715555.

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