Tuesday, 01 September 2020

This year seems to be speeding past at an unprecedented (to use the word of the year) pace. Next week local children return to school from their summer break and people will once again be readjusting by getting back to their normal routines.

Nice to know then that the property market is offering a constant in this year of uncertainty and change.

Figures show that 109 Local Market conveyances were carried out in August, showing that the market is continuing to enjoy its post-lockdown boom.

Islanders staying put and making the most of a relatively normal Guernsey summer will have contributed to this activity, which we expect to continue into September and beyond.

Guernsey was the first part of the British Isles to relax lockdown based upon collated evidence and the ability to contain an environment surrounded by water. The success of the island’s measures can be attributed to a scrupulous track and trace policy and 14-day quarantine for people arriving in the island.

The island’s positive response to how it has contained COVID-19 has made waves globally and we are certainly feeling the effects across our team, as quality Open Market homes are proving to be hugely desirable. In response, we have expanded our Open Market team and increasingly used our multi-media capabilities to help clients based outside of the jurisdiction to view homes without having to cross borders. In fact, we have sold properties across both Channel Islands based on virtual viewings alone, which shows just how keen buyers are to make these beautiful islands their home.

If you’re looking to be part of Guernsey’s active property market get in touch with our team today at Livingroom – the Channel Island estate agent.

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