The Channel Island Market Review from the Channel Island Estate Agent

Friday, 08 November 2019

As the Channel Island Estate Agent we’re lucky to have a bird’s-eye view of the islands’ respective property markets.

With our pan-island perspective and expert team of more than 150 years’ of Channel Island estate agency experience we thought it was only right to examine the islands’ property markets and produce a review detailing our findings.

 Introducing the Livingroom Channel Island Market Review.

The UK is in turmoil, the EU is grappling with its own challenges and instability seems to be everywhere you look internationally. Against this backdrop the Channel Islands are standing as beacons of stability and tranquillity. The Review has stability as its theme and provides a welcome antidote to global uncertainty.

 The Review uses data from both governments to identify the trends that are shaping the property sector. But we haven’t just provided the figures, we’ve asked our team of experts to provide some insight and analysis into what these numbers mean. Why has the average property price in Jersey climbed above its London equivalent? What has caused Guernsey’s recent price adjustment?

 We’re proud to market the Channel Islands internationally as amazing places to live and work so we’ve partnered with Locate Guernsey and Locate Jersey and invited them to provide their analysis too.

 For all that the Channel Islands have in common, they also have their differences. We’re keen to celebrate these differences and embrace what makes each island unique. With the Channel Island Market Review we’ve applied our knowledge and experience to analysing the property markets of Jersey and Guernsey and we’re delighted to share the findings with you.

 We hope you enjoy reading about the positive news coming out of the Channel Islands.

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